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120 cm (centimeters) equals 47.2441 inch (in)

The 120 cm to inches converter may be a length converter from one unit to a different. One centimeter is approximately 0.3937 inches.

The units of length must be converted from centimeters to inches. The 120 cm to inches is that the most elementary unit conversion you’ll learn in grade school. this is often during all-one amongst one in every of one among the foremost common operations in a big variety of mathematical applications.

This article explains the way to convert 120 cm to inches and use the tool for converting one unit from another, also because the relationship between centimeters and inches with detailed explanations.

Definition: Centimeter (cm)

cm to inches
A centimeter (American spelling centimeter, symbol cm) may be a unit of length adequate to one hundredth of a meter, the present base unit for SI length. Centimeters are a part of the system of weights and measures. this is often the bottom unit within the centimeter-gram-second system of units. an appropriate unit of area is square centimeters. the acceptable unit of volume is that the milliliter
The centimeter is already a non-standard factor, since an element of 103 is usually preferred. However, it’s an appropriate unit of length for several everyday measurements. One centimeter is approximately the width of an adult’s nail.

Definition: Inches (in)

The inch is that the name of the unit of measure during a number of various systems, including the imperial and customary units within the us . There are 36 inches within the yard and 12 inches within the feet.

The inch is typically the universal unit of measurement within the us and is employed widely in Great Britain and Canada, although metrics were introduced for the latter two within the 1960s and 1970s.

Customs remains used informally in other British Commonwealth countries like Australia, albeit to a lesser extent. One example is that the long tradition of measuring newborns in inches, not centimeters. International inches are 90.4 millimeters.

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