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Take a look into the depths with Ocean Lens Curacao. The Ocean Lens is a unique underwater observatory located on the beautiful Caribbean island of Curacao. Located at a depth of 17 feet [5 meters] underwater, Ocean Lens gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater world, without getting wet. In a comfortable and calm environment, you will see a diversity of marine life in its natural habitat. Unfortunately, the marine environment is negatively affected due to climate change and pollution, among other factors. Therefore, Curacao Sea Aquarium and Ocean Lens support coral reef restoration efforts. From Ocean Lens you can see part of the restoration project, in the form of two coral trees; hanging structures, where Staghorn and Elkhorn corals are grown. If you want to experience the Ocean Lens, you can book your visit through https://curacao-sea-aquarium.com/experiences/ocean-lens/ or contact us by email at reservations@ocean-lens.com. And if you can’t make it to visit us in person, enjoy this live stream from the comfort of your own home and see all the fascinating fish, coral, and sponges. You might even get lucky and see a barracuda, a turtle, our submarine, the Curasub from Substation Curacao or one of our dolphins from Dolphin Academy Curacao… Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel, like us and share this Stream with your family and friends! Please note: We are currently in the process of adjusting a few things on the live stream. You can select HD (1080p) display for a better viewing experience. Sometimes you will experience some buffering of the video. The current configuration is still a test. We are testing different cameras, positions, angles, lighting, etc. Check back often.



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